We gave every big six club Haaland on FM23: the results were ridiculous

Erling Haaland won’t be at the World Cup, which means while 17 of his Manchester City team-mates run themselves into the ground in Qatar he can relax, train, and refine his game over a six-week period as stress-free as any he’s likely had in his short career. Somehow, a guy with 18 goals in 13 Premier League games is going to get even better.

Is he a cheat code? Is it really fair that the best team in the division should be able to just add the best striker in the world? That question is a little more complicated than it looks, because to add Haaland is to take something away from Man City’s usual tactics under Pep Guardiola, who adapted his system considerably to accommodate Haaland’s lack of pressing and minimal involvement outside the box.

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