SL Benfica and Gotham FC announce women’s soccer development partnership

NWSL side NJ/NY Gotham FC and SL Benfica unveiled their new strategic partnership to promote women’s soccer development and increase their worldwide influence.

“Gotham FC is one of the nation’s longest-running women’s professional soccer clubs, and we are excited to showcase our experience, our talent, and our youth,” said Gotham FC Senior Advisor on Soccer Operations and Soccer Partnerships Josh Murphy.

As part of this partnership, an agreement will be in place that allows Benfica to identify and recruit players from Gotham FC to their club. Benfica will benefit from this collaboration as it will provide valuable insights into the world of women’s soccer in North America.

Besides future player transfers, this partnership will also allow the opportunity for both clubs to capitalize on each other’s brand power, and expand their reach to a global audience.

“As women’s football is rapidly growing in the United States, Gotham FC is proud to help encourage the rise in youth participation and fan engagement.”

“Alongside SL Benfica, this partnership provides an opportunity to bring a familiar connection from Portugal to the Portuguese community in our own backyard of New York and New Jersey, while positioning Gotham FC as a global brand. Together, our collective commitment will help grow the game and expand our reach in the U.S. and internationally,” he continued.

The partnership is effective immediately, with no set date for its conclusion. 

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