Ronaldo loves Keane, Rio who ‘were there in Man Utd dressing room’, like Neville, whom he doesn’t…

Cristiano Ronaldo told Piers Morgan that he loves Roy Keane and Rio Ferdinand because they were “there in the dressing room” at Manchester United.

Gary Neville was there too of course, but he really doesn’t like him. Weird, that.

Neville and fellow former United teammate Wayne Rooney have been critical of Ronaldo, and the striker claims they might think differently if they “know the whole story”.

Ronaldo said: “People can have their own opinion, but they don’t really know what’s going on inside the training ground and the Carrington area – or even my life.

“They should listen to not only one point of view, they should listen to my point of view as well because it’s easy to criticise, but if you don’t know the whole story it’s easy.

“They are not my friends, they are colleagues. We are not having dinner together for example.

“But it’s part of my journey. They keep criticising my every time, so I continue my trip and I have to catch up with the people who like me.”

Ronaldo then went on to explain why Keane and Ferdinand are “very, very good guys”, and it’s not becuase they don’t criticise him, it’s because they were there in the dressing room, like Neville, and are football players, like Neville.

“It means a lot because I was in a dressing room with them, they are part of my journey in football as well.

“As I mentioned many times, Roy Keane for me was my best captain ever. Rio Ferdinand helped me a lot, he was my neighbour, I was his neighbour.

“So very, very good guys, not just because they speak good about me but they were there in the dressing room, they are football players, they know how players think and how they behave.

“And to listen to ex-colleagues and team-mates criticise you and only see one point of view… it’s easy to criticise if you have a job on television because you must criticise to be more famous.”

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