Rio calls out Carragher (again) over Ronaldo – ‘Take that argument out of your mouth’

Rio Ferdinand has told Jamie Carragher and others to stop “disrespecting” Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Manchester United striker scored his 700th club goal on Sunday as he secured a 2-1 win over Everton at Goodison Park.

Carragher and Ferdinand have been engaged in a war of words over Ronaldo in recent days, with the former Liverpool centre-back labelling his fellow pundit as a CR7 “fanboy”.

And the “fanboy” was at it again on his YouTube channel, slamming those who “disrespect” Ronaldo and again calling out Carragher over the Portugal international’s pressing or lack of it.

“People say he doesn’t press,” Ferdinand said.

“If he doesn’t press, I will take that argument on the chin and say you are right if other people came in and they looked completely different with the way they press.

“This team looks no better or worse when Ronaldo is playing or not when they’re pressing to retrieve the ball, there is no difference.

“Take that argument out of your mouth, all these people that keep talking about it, Jamie Carragher, you’re another one, I don’t want to hear it.

“I went nuts when that goal went in because I see too many people disrespecting Cristiano Ronaldo and saying he’s the problem,’ he said. ‘You can’t be the problem in a team when you are the one scoring 24 to 26 goals last season.

“I saw a stat the other day. With Haaland, as good as he is doing and we are all going crazy about him and rightly so, for the next 15 years or 16 seasons he’s got to score 43 plus goals per season to get to that number, that just puts in into perspective.

“That’s just where we are with him, this guy’s doing mad stuff. Messi is going to hit that target, and these two are doing stuff we’ve never seen.

“We all have favourites, some will say R9, some will say Diego Maradona, some will say Cruyff, Ronaldinho, Zidane, and rightly so, they had their moments, but these guys had a career at that level. It is a long time.”

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