Henry says Chelsea star has ‘to show something’ to earn Potter ‘trust’ after Milan win

Thierry Henry has put it on Chelsea star Christian Pulisic to show he is worthy of a place in Graham Potter’s side.

Pulisic struggled to secure a regular role under previous boss Thomas Tuchel and hasn’t started any of Potter’s three games in charge so far.

The American international joined Chelsea from Borussia Dortmund for £57.6m in 2019 and opened up on his frustration at his lack of game time in his recently released autobiography.

Pulisic is desperate to get up to speed ahead of the World Cup and after the 24-year-old failed to get off the bench for Chelsea’s 3-0 win over AC Milan on Wednesday, Henry says he has to prove his worth to Potter when he does get opportunities.

“At one point you’re going to have to bring something to the table, I know I’m repeating myself but it’s true,” Henry told CBS Sports.

“How many managers are not going to trust you? It’s going to be have to be you at one point. So, find a way.

“The other day Conor Gallagher came on against Palace, yes, I know he [Pulisic] gave him the ball and Gallagher still had to score [from range] but it will go down as an assist. But it’s showing something, it’s why he came on tonight, because he scored against Palace.

“At one point show us something, and what you can do, and maybe he’ll be fit for the World Cup and the US team.

“But how many managers are not going to trust you? At one point it’s going to have to be you, you have to show something.”

Fellow CBS pundit Jamie Carragher doubts Pulisic will get enough of a chance to be in peak condition for the World Cup in Qatar.

Carragher said: “Where we have been for the last two years with him in terms of his Chelsea career.

“Obviously, the manager at Chelsea changes quite a lot and you always think you’re going to have a chance, a new chance to prove something, they [the new manager] might play differently.

“But we haven’t seen much of him already. It’s early days for Graham Potter but Thomas Tuchel didn’t use him too much. Certainly the new manager [hasn’t] in these early games.

“So I think it’s a little bit worrying for America in terms of the World Cup. You talk about England getting players up to speed for the World Cup, it doesn’t look like he’s going to be at his best in terms of fitness, energy, sharpness, rhythm.

“I think it’s really worrying for him because I just don’t see how he’s going to get the games. There are so many players in those attacking positions, the most he’s going to get is minutes coming off the bench, I don’t think that’s going to be enough for him to show his best in the national team at the World Cup.”

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