Amazon Prime nail it again as Potter and Frank interview each other ahead of Brentford vs Chelsea

We have once again been treated to full and excellent coverage of the Premier League by Amazon Prime this week and they came up with a novel and fascinating idea ahead of Brentford’s clash with Chelsea on Wednesday.

Chelsea continued their unbeaten Premier League run under Graham Potter as they drew 0-0 with the Bees, but arguably the most entertaining moment of the evening came before kick-off as Thomas Frank joined the Blues boss and the Amazon Prime pundits on the pitch.

Host Simon Thomas then surprised the two managers as he asked them to interview each other.

Thomas said: “It’s not too often we have both managers joining us before a big game ahead of kick off. But while we’ve got you – Thomas, I don’t know if this is fair or not but if you could ask this man [Potter] one question, what would it be?”

Frank laughed initially before saying: “First I would praise Graham a lot. It’s a fantastic journey he’s been on and I’m so happy a coach who has been walking the long way gets a chance at a top six club and I think Graham has showed his qualities hugely and I’m sure he’ll do a great job at Chelsea.

“If I could ask him one question – why are you changing the formation so many times?”

Potter responded: “Good question!”

He then explained: “Well changing the formation – we don’t see it as the end goal, it’s about how the team is playing. The team needs to look consistent regardless of the formation.

“Then it’s about the personnel, how you want to attack, defend – these are the things we consider. Hopefully there’s things that look the same even though the shape changes.”

Potter then asked Frank what the Brentford boss thought was the biggest difference between the Championship and the Premier League.

Frank replied: “The pace of the game, the quality of the players is crazy and you can make one tiny mistake and it gets punished so much more.

“Also it’s more the modern game playing in the Premier League with so many formation shifts during the game – teams are doing that more and more.”

It was another example of Amazon Prime breaking the mould that had seemingly been set in stone by first Sky and then BT for the last three decades or so. More of the same please.

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